My performance will break second term myth – Ajimobi


Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State on Saturday said that his performance in office would break the jinx of an elusive second term ticket for the incumbent in the state.

Ajimobi who stated this during a meeting he held with Automobile Dealers Association in Ibadan, aid that the myth of second term in Oyo State had been stretched beyond its relevance as the idea of a performing governor serving the people was not factored into it.

Ajimobi said that this was also the myth that was represented in the notion that Ibadan people do not serve as governor twice.

He said he was serving the people of Ibadan and Oyo State in general, adding that since he was the one serving the people of Ibadan and Oyo State in general, the notion does not apply to him.

“We are serving the people, not the people serving us”, he said.

Ajimobi cited the case of Awolowo and Akintola as Governors that ruled the State twice, thereby debunking the notion that no governor had ever served twice in Oyo State.

“I am ready to serve the people as long as the constitution permits. Anyone who occupies a position of power should make good use of it, as whatever anyone does with what God had given them would be recorded for posterity.

“Those in position of authority should always make good use of the opportunity and make positive impacts in the lives of the people and do this with the fear of God”, he said.

While counselling the car dealers to eschew violence and bickering among themselves, he said he was the governor of all, irrespective of party affiliations.

“As a governor, I am apolitical. I am the father of all, no matter your political affiliation.

“I urge all of you to be more united and to shun all forms of violence, bearing in mind that no meaningful development can take place where there are rancour and hatred”, he said.

He said that all the warring road transport union workers have been told that government was not interested in making use of them for election.

Chairman of the association, Kamorudeen Jayeola, commended the governor for the peace and infrastructure that his administration had brought to the state.

Jayeola said that the governor had surpassed the expectations of all the people of the state.


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