Ojukwu was abducted by the police in Lagos on May 1 and was released on Friday following a protest held at the Force Headquarters on Thursday.

However, the Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, in a statement on Friday that Ojukwu’s arrest and investigation by the police were justifiable under the law.

He said the reporter has a case to answer.

The statement was titled, “FIJ’S Case: Ojukwu’s arrest, investigation justifiable under the law – FPRO; He has a case to answer.”

It read, “The Nigeria Police Force hereby addresses recent developments regarding the arrest and investigation of Mr Daniel Ojukwu, reiterating that, contrary to speculative reports, Mr. Ojukwu’s investigation is in strict compliance with legal protocols and procedures.

“Mr. Ojukwu was lawfully apprehended and detained pursuant to a valid remand warrant issued by a competent court of justice on May 2, 2024. His initial detention in Lagos and subsequent transfer to Abuja by the FCID-National Cybercrime Centre align with standard investigative procedures undertaken by police.”

Adejobi added that Ojukwu’s detention was linked to allegations of violating provisions of the Cybercrime Act and other extant laws pertaining to cyber related crimes.

He added, “These allegations stem from a report concerning financial transactions and contract execution, upon which he was petitioned to the Nigeria Police for investigations.

“With our preliminary forensic investigation and recovery of some contents generated by the suspect, Mr. Ojukwu has a case to answer and, as such, will be arraigned in court upon the conclusion of the investigations.”

He noted that the police did not deny Ojukwu bail, adding that his release was predicated on him meeting the conditions set for the bail.

He further noted that the journalist’s freedom from police detention is pending the commencement of prosecution at the Federal High Court, and had no correlation with the “unwarranted protest” held at the police headquarters on Thursday.

Adejobi added, “He has, however, been released upon providing a reliable surety today, Friday, May 10, 2024, pending the commencement of prosecution at the Federal High Court, which has jurisdiction over cyber related crimes.

“It is instructive to note that his release has no correlation with the unwarranted protest held at the police headquarters on May 9, 2024, but strictly due to him meeting the bail requirements and the policy of the Force on being rule of law compliant.

“The Nigeria Police Force remains steadfast in its duty to maintain law and order, uphold justice, and safeguard the rights of all citizens.

“We urge the public and media outlets to refrain from speculations and undue media trial in order to avoid jeopardising the legal procedures in the case.”