We are ready for criminals terrorising Edo State – Oshiomole


Governor Adams Oshiomole has said that the people and government of Edo State are ready for a ‘bunch of criminals’ who have been trying to make the state ungovernable.

The governor said this at Ikpoba-Okha Local Government area of the State while receiving a large number of defectors from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He described the last weekend attack on the Edo State House of Assembly Legislators’ Quarters as the handwork of people who had nothing to lose in Edo State.

Oshiomole said, “Last weekend, people who have nothing to offer, who have no stake in our environment were the ones rooting for violence.

“They got the police support and they went to the legislative quarters with firearms and wanted to kill our assembly men.”

“When they were blocking the Ring Road, we moved our people out of the Ring Road. They could no longer block it, so out of frustration, they decided to resort to kill.

“When a man embarks on sucking the blood of young people, we leave him in the hands of God. Anybody who brings violence to Edo State, violence will consume.

“I want to advice all those who are preaching violence that Edo State cannot be conquered by a bunch of criminals. We have the capacity and the capability to protect ourselves. We will not go for anybody’s blood, we don’t need it.”

Governor Oshiomole ussed the occasion to trumpet his achievements and those of his party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said, “Contrary to their calculations, we have shown that we are totally in charge. We have presented our budget for 2015 when many PDP governors are still struggling to prepare their budgets. Everything they think we cannot do, they saw that we are doing it better.

“Ours is a democratic Party. The people will choose their candidates. Whoever the people choose, we as faithful party members, we will support them. Where there is more than one candidate for a position, only one person will win.

“Let nobody say I am the Governor’s candidate. Everybody is my candidate and we will ensure that whoever emerges gets the backing and support of the Party.

“APC’s selling point is development. We will build more schools, we will complete the Central Hospital, we will build more roads, we will sustain the work on erosion control, and we will sustain our free education programme.

“We will sustain our free bus ride to the Edo child. We will sustain our employment of youths and our support for market women.”

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