Saudi pledges zero tolerance for subversive activity in Haj


Saudi Arabia has said that it will not allow any activity that could undermine the security and safety of pilgrims and violate the sanctity of Haj.

Saudi’s Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Naif, who stated this said that Saudi security forces are capable of confronting any terrorist group or individual.

Prince Mohammed, who is chairman of the Supreme Haj Committee, was speaking to reporters in Mina after inspecting the preparedness of the Kingdom’s security agencies for Haj.

He advised pilgrims to avoid engaging in any political propaganda or any other activity that would violate the sanctity of Haj.

Asked about the threat of Islamic State militants, the minister said Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has warned world leaders that terrorism would hit their countries if they continue their silence on the crimes being committed by the IS and other terrorist groups.

“We know that the IS is supported by certain countries and organizations but we are well prepared to confront them with all our force and determination,” Prince Mohammed said. “Our security forces have foiled hundreds of terrorist operations in the past.”

He said many foreign countries have benefited from the Saudi expertise in confronting terror.

He emphasized the need to crush the IS and other such groups to safeguard global peace and stability.

Prince Mohammed said the unfolding events in Yemen would not only affect the interest of that country but also the security of its neighbors as Houthis and Al-Qaeda militants would exploit the situation to attack others.

However, he warned that Riyadh would crush terrorists with an iron hand.

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