Shettima says there’s ‘new era of accountability,’ as Tinubu fighting corruption without favouritism

Friday Ajagunna
Friday Ajagunna
Shettima at the Chronicle roundtable

Vice-President Kashim Shettima says the administration of President Bola Tinubu is fighting corruption without interference or favouritism.

Shettima spoke in Abuja on Thursday during the second edition of the Chronicle roundtable organised by 21st Century Media Services, publishers of 21st Century Chronicle.

The vice-president said the ongoing prosecution of high-profile corruption cases shows a “new era of accountability. Our promise to wage war against corruption without interference or favouritism is being fulfilled,” Shettima said.

“The ongoing high-profile cases indicate a new era of accountability. The administration’s revenue drive is on track to deliver outstanding results, with the continued digitization of revenue collection in all ministries, departments, and agencies.”

Shettima said the removal of the petrol subsidy was the “biggest elephant in the room” before Tinubu’s administration came on board.

He said it would amount to an “economic death sentence” if the federal government did not remove the subsidy amid the economic condition of the country.

He added that other presidential candidates did not question the removal of the petrol subsidy because they also promised the same.

“We understood why our predecessor made the decision to remove them and refused to budget for it in their final fiscal year. The year before we took office, Nigeria’s debt service-to-revenue ratio had grown to 111.8 percent.

“The anticipated debt crisis may sound like fancy economic jargon to the man on the street, but you and I are in a better position to understand how such miscalculations have played out in other countries. It’s an economic death sentence,” Shettima said.

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