Tambuwal faults Sanusi’s suspension, visits Obasanjo for consultation


The  Speaker of the House of  Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, said on Sunday that the suspension of Lamido Sanusi as the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria could hurt the nation’s economy.

Tambuwal, who spoke during a visit to former President Olusegun Obasanjo in Abeokuta, Ogun State, said the action by President Goodluck Jonathan was capable of   sending “wrong signals” to  international   investors about  Nigeria’s  financial institutions.

Explaining that he was at the Hilltop residence of the former  President to consult him on some  key issues of  “national interest,” the speaker stated that foreign businessmen  must have  confidence in a nation’s financial system before they could invest their funds.

He said, “Well whether (Sanusi’s suspension) is lawful, legal or illegal, the personality involved has told everybody that he is going to court and I believe  that he is already in court on that  suspension.

“On the implications for  the economy; I’m not an economist but I personally feel that it  will definitely send wrong signals to investors. This is because you need to have confidence in the financial institutions, particularly the independence of the financial institutions of a country,  before investors will consider such a country worthy of their investments. So, I have my concern about that.”

Tambuwal,  who maintained that he was still a card-carrying member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, dismissed speculations that he was planning  to leave the party for  the All Progressives Congress or any other party.

He said, “I am visiting the  national leader of  the PDP.    Baba(Obasanjo) and myself   are in the  PDP. Baba   is a leader  not only in Nigeria but in Africa and it is only appropriate for those of us in the  positions of authority and leadership to occasionally come and consult   him  on  matters of national interest and that is what we are here for today(Sunday).

“There are lots of issues in Nigeria today. Of course, there is the  issue  of  Petroleum Industry Bill that we are considering in the House. We are doing constitution amendment  and a host of other very key and  important legislation before the parliament.

“So, we needed to consult our leaders on such very important and vital legislation before we conclude what we are doing on them. The Electoral Act is likely to be amended too. So, from his wealth of experience, we need some input from  him(Obasanjo).”

Tambuwal was accompanied on the visit by  the Deputy Minority Leader of the House, Kawu Sumaila; Ajibola Muraina  and Aminu Shagari.

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