We’ll soon begin regional operations at MMA2, says Bi-Courtney

Kayode Ogundele
Kayode Ogundele

Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of the Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos Terminal Two (MMA2), says regional operations would begin at the facility soon.

Remi Jibodu, the acting chief operating officer (COO) of the aviation firm, spoke on the milestones of the company at a media parley on Monday.

The news conference was held in commemoration of the company’s 17th anniversary.

In 2016, the ministerial committee on airport security certified the MMA2 as fit for the commencement of regional operations.

Last year, the company disclosed that about N600 million had been expended on the infrastructure required to provide aviation services to passengers and airlines operating within the West African routes.

“We are ready; the terminal is ready, and gates 5 and 6 here have been dedicated for regional flights. We have invested over N600 million in the facilities for this operation and have not recouped one naira; it all started in 2014,” Bi-Courtney had said during a facility tour in August 2023.

Speaking on the expansion plans of the firm, Jibodu said the launch of the regional services is still afoot.

He said the company had received approval for it and the facilities required are consistently maintained for the operations. “We’re poised to embark on an exciting journey towards continued growth and innovation,” he said.

“Our plans include further expansion of our terminal facilities, implementation of improved technology to enhance security, sustainable initiatives to expand our cargo system, and the commencement of the regional operations from our terminal.

“Considering our track record of continuous growth and excellence, the regional operations will provide a single hub for domestic airlines.

“This will boost revenue through transit flights, drive economic growth by creating more jobs, and enhance connectivity. This expansion will open new revenue opportunities, benefiting all stakeholders involved. The economic ripple effects will be felt far and wide, from increased foot traffic in our terminal to enhanced commercial opportunities”.

Asked when operations would begin, Jibodu said “we’re very close to it [commencement] than before”.


He also said the success of its public-private partnership (PPP) model is a major achievement of the aviation organisation in the past 17 years.

This, Jibodu said, had helped in fostering collaborations with private entities, enabling Bi-Courtney to deliver world-class services to passengers and stakeholders.

According to the COO, 10 domestic airlines currently use the terminal daily.

The airlines include Ibom Air, ValueJet, Air Peace, Arik Air, Aero Contractors, Dana Air, United Nigeria Airlines, Azman Air, Max Air, and Rano Air.

He further disclosed that more than 10,000 guests visit the terminal daily, including passengers, stakeholders, concessionaires, and many others who “come here to shop, eat, and fly”.

In addition to Bi-Courtney’s feats, Jibodu said the introduction of electronic gates has “streamlined passenger facilitation, ensuring the seamless journey through our airport and enhancing our security architecture”.

He added that the provision of uninterrupted power supply systems and the recent development of flight disruption guidelines exemplifies the firm’s unwavering focus on reliability and sustainability to ensure that operations remain resilient in the face of unforeseen challenges.


However, he called for the establishment of more maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities in Nigeria.

Aviation MRO refers to the specific repair, service or inspection of an aircraft. “Whenever we have this issue of checks, it reduces the passenger figures,” Jibodu said.

“Whenever we have aircraft parked at the apron and are not operating because the crew has to go for training, if we can really expand this, in terms of training of the pilots, in terms of MRO we can use to handle all the aircraft in Nigeria. One thing I look forward to is for us to have more MROs in Nigeria and more training centres for pilots.”

On her part, Monica Oguta, head of aviation security at Bi-Courtney, said the department has seen substantial growth, particularly in leveraging technology to ensure security across the terminal.

For example, she said the integration of CCTV systems has provided a crucial means of monitoring and addressing security concerns to an almost perfect track record, “contributing to our growing reputation for excellence. Our success extends to preventing potential stowaways on our apron,” Oguta said.

“The department’s thorough surveillance and diligent review processes have enabled proactive measures to intercept unauthorized individuals, ensuring safe operations and maintaining the integrity of our terminal.”

She, therefore, thanked the team for their dedication and hard work and promised to uphold standards for the safety of travellers.

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