Yemen vice president denounces Houthi attack on Mocha port


Yemeni vice president Ali Mohsen Saleh has condemned Saturday’s Houthi drone attack on the Red Sea port of Al-Mocha, which damaged infrastructure and burned a warehouse storing goods and merchandise of local importers and aid organizations.

“This crime has shown again that Houthi militia has misused Stockholm Agreement and exploit the humanitarian aspect to mislead the international community,” Mohsen said in a report from state news agency SABA.

The senior official described the Houthi militia’s attacks on civil facilities in Yemen, as well as in Saudi Arabia, as a blatant defiance of international efforts aimed to bring peace in the conflict-ridden country.

The port’s manager, Abdul Malik Al-Sharabae, earlier said that the Houthis fired four missiles and three explosives-rigged drones – with two of them reportedly intercepted and destroyed – targeting the port.

The Yemeni government, through its foreign affairs ministry, also said that the Houthi attack was “a flagrant defiance of the UN-led efforts to mitigate the humanitarian crisis and put an end of the war in Yemen.”

The ministry statement also called on the UN and international community to condemn Houthi crimes and take firm action to hold the perpetrators accountable.

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